Claretian Mission Day – April 7, 2024

The 2024 Claretian Mission Day highlights the urgent need to offer clean water resources to communities in need. You can choose to support a specific project or the area of greatest need. Thank you in advance of sharing your abundance of spirit in prayer and gift.

Project #1 – Cuba: As a result of the economic, political, social and migratory crises in Cuba, the number of the elderly living alone, malnourished and lacking access to essential infrastructures, has been increasing a lot. The project aims to promote food security of the elderly who attend the Claretian canteens in 4 provinces of the country. Through the construction of a cistern it will be possible to develop agricultural activities in the “El Jibaro” farm in La Habana, and distribute food production to the needy people.

Project #2 – India: St. Peter School, Barikhajuri was started in the year 2004. At present, the school has students not only from the villages of Bargarh Block and Bhandaria Block, but from distant villages of Garhwa, Palamau, Latehar Districts and other parts of Jharkhand and even Bihar. The lack of proper toilet facilities is a major problem that the school faces which is affecting the health and hygiene of students, especially the girls. There are 310 girls who can directly benefit from this project.

Project #3 – Angola: This project aims at improving living condition of students of Arimba school through the construction of a borehole. The access to safe and clean drinking water is essential for a good sanitation and hygiene condition for the entire school and community. The good quality of the water consumed by our students will reduce the presence of many diseases. This projects intends to be at the forefront guaranteeing the well-being of Arimba, taking into account the vital dimension that water has, as well as contributing to the well-being of all the community.

Watch the Claretian Mission Day video below…