Digital Outreach

Radio Claret America
Chicago, IL
Inaugurated in 2014, Radio Claret America continues Saint Anthony Mary Claret’s commitment to evangelizing the world. Our Claretian presence in radio ministry dates from the 1930s on a local level. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and broadening our reach beyond the United States, RCA hosts 20 original radio programs 24 hours a day via the Internet. Radio Claret America proclaims Christ’s message to a global audience.

Hispanic Ministry Resource Center
Chicago, IL
The Hispanic Ministry Resource Center (HMRC) serves to provide pastoral tools for the Hispanic Catholic population. Established in 1991, HMRC immediately created a series of Spanish-language publications that were available to local parishes. Nuestra Parroquia, El Momento Católico, and Amigo de Jesús provided support for those involved in this expanding ministry. Recently, HMRC has fostered a media program, Café Con Cristo and various podcasts to provide religious programming for the Hispanic community.

Instituto Bíblico Claretiano de las Américas
Chicago, IL

Following Saint Anthony Mary Claret’s commitment to evangelization, the Instituto Bíblico Claretiano de las Américas provides programs for reflection and understanding of Scripture. Created as a virtual program, presentations are available to all and support those whose access to religious materials is limited.