Claretian Publications publishes print and digital content to help Catholics in the United States and Canada live their faith with hope and respond faithfully to the challenges of our time. Today, Claretian Publications is one of the country’s most respected national Catholic periodical publishers and works with our Claretian province in providing bilingual resources for Hispanic Catholics in the United States.

Following in the footsteps of our founder and prolific writer and publisher, Saint Anthony Mary Claret, we commit to evangelization as the “apostolate of the press.” Pope Pius XII called Claret the “Modern Apostle of the Good Press.” The Claretians currently have 16 active publishing ministries in 13 countries. Claretian Publications, in coordination with the Claretian Missionaries U.S.A.-Canada Province, also collaborates in publishing both original books and translated works from other Claretian publishing ministries.

We initiated our publishing ministry in 1929 with the launching of La Esperanza, a weekly Spanish publication. With the popularity of the Saint Jude Devotion, in 1935 we began The Voice of St. Jude, a national English monthly magazine. In 1963, the title was changed to U.S. Catholic. Today, it is one of the country’s most award-winning Catholic and general interest magazines that includes digital and social media platforms that reach hundreds of thousands of readers and listeners.

Our Publications

In 1950, Pope Pius XII addressed Saint Anthony Claret as the “Modern Apostle of the Good Press.” Publications were integral to Claret’s missionary endeavors, as he distributed small tracts to those he met. Consequently, we are committed to fostering religious publications and media outreach. Today, the Congregation sponsors 16 active publishing ministries in 13 countries. Working with the Claretian Missionaries U.S.A.-Canadian Province, the Chicago-based publishing house serves an international audience.

  • U.S. Catholic Magazine
    Chicago, Illinois– a national Catholic general-interest magazine that looks at faith in real life, available in print and online.

Recent Books

  • A Tale of the Spirit, Consecrated Life after the Second Vatican Council by Bocos Merino Translated Spanish to English. 
  • Leadership, and Proximity, the value of presence in the governance of Consecrated Life by Bocos Merino Translated Spanish to English. 
  • My Friend Antonio, Life of Anthony Mary Claret [for children]. Translated Spanish to English.
  • Let’s Paint! Anthony’s Dream [for children] translated by Sandra Trevino. Translated Spanish to English.
  • St. Jude Thaddeus: patron of hope and of difficult causes. J. Lozano, C.M.F. Print and digital download. English, Spanish, French, Tagalog, Vietnamese. Print and digital download. 

For more information about Claretian Publications, please contact or call (312) 544-8191.