Our Focus

We dream of a Congregation of Missionaries who share our lives, diversity, and resources in communities shaped by the mission and ministries God has entrusted to us. We encourage and accompany one another as brothers through mutual listening, without excluding anyone.

Rooted in Christ, Audacious in Mission, XXVI Claretian General Chapter, 2021

Witnessing to the teaching of Christ, we respond to the needs of God’s people as a community. Following the example of our Founder, Saint Anthony Mary Claret, we are unafraid of entering difficult situations to offer Christ’s healing message of peace, professing a shared Christian belief as we invite others to become part of mission.

For us, each parish or ministry is a vital font of sacramental life and the heart where the community gathers to live and celebrate the Gospel. While focusing mainly on Hispanic communities, we are dedicated to living and working with all people in need. Our missionaries currently work in seven states and two Canadian provinces. We address a variety of issues including hunger, gang and domestic violence, housing, parenting, healthcare, and education, trusting in the Lord and inspired by God’s Word, we joyfully embrace the challenges that confront us.

Responding to local needs, we initiated organizations and ministries to serve those less fortunate, with the goal that they would mature and become self-sufficient. Two examples of need-based organizations are Claretian Associates, which is committed to providing housing opportunities for the marginalized, and Chicago Family Heath, offers medical care to the poor. These have become integral parts of the region and reflect Claret’s vision for the local community to become self-reliant.