Social Services

Claretians have helped start numerous medical clinics and arrange social services through our various ministries. Still, the Claretians’ commitment to healthcare is not as a provider but as a conduit of resources to inform and guide people to better healthcare for themselves and their families. 

As part of our outreach, Claretians routinely visit the sick. Some Claretians have specifically chosen the critical service of hospital chaplaincy as their primary ministry; others have devoted themselves to caring for our senior members.

Spiritual and Psychological Counseling
Claret Center – Chicago, IL
Claret Center launched an innovative approach to provide spiritual direction and psychological counseling in 1974. Since its beginning, the Center has become a leader in providing a sanctuary for those seeking spiritual discovery, psychotherapy, or body-centered therapy. Serving a broad community, the Center also trains practitioners who wish to become spiritual directors.

Senior Housing
Villa Guadalupe– Chicago, IL
Responding to the needs of this neighborhood, the Claretians and Claretian Associates secured funding to build an affordable senior housing facility in South Chicago’s neighborhood. Located directly across the street from Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, the facility provides a variety of programs to assist the senior citizens of the area. Committed to its residents, the staff provides an enhanced quality of life in a secure environment that has helped stabilize this changing and growing community.

Hospital Chaplaincy
Our chaplains are present to patients, their needs, and those whom they love. By offering religious services and sacraments, we provide comforting prayer and guidance during life’s most challenging or end-of-life situations. We also share in the joys of recovery and healing.

Caring for Senior Claretians
We accompany our priests and brothers as we work alongside professional caregivers who plan social outings, activities, informative speaking engagements, and functions that incorporate a greater sense of well-being and care.