Youth Ministry

“The formation and development of youth and young adults is a priority for us. A holistic youth development means providing for and accompanying the youth to support their dignity and integrity…”
— from our 2011 USA Provincial Chapter

From the west coast to east coast, in seven states and in Canada, the Claretians are engaged in a creative prophetic response to serving the needs of young people. Claretian Youth is a group in Fresno, California, at St. Paul Catholic Newman Center that ministers to high schoolers. Claretian Youth focuses on walking with the youth as they transition to college, while growing in love for Scripture, Church, and mission in the style of Claret. They gather every week with their Chaplain, Fr Byron Macias, C.M.F., and a video component of their gatherings is distributed to families to encourage “Claretian Youth Family Time.” See an example of one of these videos here.

The St. Paul Catholic Newman Center also ministers to college students at college nights, Bible Study, retreats, counseling, and more. Fr. Byron works with the local Campus Ministry Director in the Newman Center for these events with college students and to help run donation drives for the community.

The Province has also set up a Youth Task Force to help in the formation of young people, especially youth leaders, committed to making the neighborhood a better place to live. The purpose is to help young people encounter Christ through a positive experience of service in the church and to develop their capacity to be leaders in the community.The creative responses that come from connecting and sharing ideas with one another are astounding. Recently, the Boy Scouts of San Gabriel Mission in California took a group of Chicago inner-city youth camping through the Rocky Mountains as a summer event. Another summer program features an exchange of college students between parishes, giving back to the community through a variety of service projects.  Camp Claret in Canada, offers 1,000 kids (6-16) each summer a safe place to practice their French while they hike, fish, ride horses, climb rope, swim, and a host of other activities.