Leadership Development & Laity Formation

I will appoint over you shepherds after my own heart,
who will shepherd you wisely and prudently.

—Jeremiah 3:15

“Faithful to our charism, as servants of the Word, we aim to increase our ministerial presence and pastoral activities in the future.”
— from our 2011 USA Provincial Chapter

This objective recognizes the heartfelt desire of the Claretians to respond to the urgent needs of God’s people in the Church today. This includes reaching out to the poor, the marginalized, and to those communities where pastoral leadership is needed.

To foster a continually deepening pastoral response to God’s people, the Claretians have embarked on a journey to develop models for promoting leadership in their apostolic sites. These range from parishes . . . to campus ministry . . . to community programs in teaching and service to the poor, the at-risk youth, and the homeless.

One useful model of leadership calls for a collaborative team effort between Claretians and lay leaders. The model first and foremost recognizes that every community of faith has been endowed with people capable of articulating a shared vision and of engaging others in discerning their mission as witnesses of Christ. This leadership model relies on having leaders developing skills for listening, imagining, and discerning—as well as learning how to implement social analysis and active theological reflection.

Participants also spend time reflecting upon their experience of being called to serve, fostering professional relationships, and their own faith journey. The leaders work together to develop a style of mission that is inclusive and promotes pastoral activity where responsibilities are shared.

For more information about Claretian leadership development and laity formation programs, please contact USA-CanadaProvince@Claretians.org.